Amazon Prime Music

To be honest this has come out of the blue for me. Maybe other people knew Amazon Music was on the cards but not me.

I have to say it's surpassed my expectations and surprised me. So much so I thought I'd write a blog post.

For those that don't know, Amazon Prime is a service that Amazon has offered for many years now in the UK. Initially it began with offering free next day delivery on all of it's goods, but now Amazon Prime also include Books via it's library, Movie Streaming and now Music Streaming. In the UK the current price of this is £79. I have to say when they increased the cost from £50 a few years back I was tempted to cancel, but now I think it's amazing value for money. I suspect with Music they have to increase the cost maybe next year?

Just like with Amazon Prime Movies, the music service is available to Prime subscribers. You can play and stream across all of your devices via a dedicated app.

The iPhone version is pretty good with no crashes so far, although there have been some stumbles on streaming certain tracks. Niggles I'm sure they will resolve.

The best part of Amazon Prime music is the ability to download the music to your library and listen offline.

Not to mention the playlists. There are loads of playlists ranging from Pop and Rock to more specificity 80s, 90s etc. Lots to choose from and each of the play lists on Amazon Prime Music generally lasts for hours, which is great for background music while I'm working away on my projects in the office.

If you purchase just a few items from Amazon a year and either listen to music or watch movies (or both), then I can certainly recommending giving it a go. There is a 30 day free trial of Amazon Prime available so why not give it a go before any potential price rise.

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